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About The Original IWR

IWR's Original Mission: To preserve, protect and provide veterinary care and rehabilitation for wildlife.


IWR is a USA Federal 501C3 non-profit organization registered in USA since 2010. Its director Dr Clay Wilson has over 28 years expertise as a small animal and exotic medicine veterinarian and 5 years of specialization in African wildlife.

Through its website and Facebook pages IWR in one year was able to procure over $100,000.00 in donations and corporate sponsorship to fund work done in Botswana as primary volunteer veterinarian and Honorary Game Warden in Chobe National Park. Chobe has close to half the population of wild elephants in the world and as such has gained tremendous experience and knowledge of this species. All game species from herbivores to predators was gained in its 5 year tenure.

Due to close working with the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Chobe it was able to significantly contribute with daily park management and anti-poaching activities pioneering use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) in monitoring activities in the park. Extensive contribution was made in management and prevention of infectious diseases in the local communities domesticated dog population, in the prevention of further outbreaks, of Canine Distemper Virus that passed on to the wildlife predator population with disastrous effects. Dr Wilson was commended as the most active warden and savior of thousands of wounded and ill animals.

IWR continues our work in Florida as wildlife veterinarian service to local species including deer, bears, foxes, bobcats and a large component of aquatic and land based birds, working with a local rehabilitation facility called Wildlife Incorporated.

Having travelled extensively through southern African countries we have been involved as a wildlife consultant with Sheldricks Elephant orphanage and its related veterinary units in Tsavo and the Mara.

In 2012 we diagnosed a pancreatic enzyme deficiency in infant elephants which has tremendously increased their survivability to this day. Also suggested and equipped Sheldricks with state of the art blood diagnostic machines and digital x-rays. Having had the pleasure to visit Kenya on 3 occasions in the last 2 years, we have fallen in love with the country and its peoples. We are most impressed with the dedication, motivation, passion, professionalism and superior equipment provided by the Kenya Wildlife Service and thus wish to be a part of their extensive, progressive conservation efforts.

On invitation to a national zoo in Venezuela we have assisted in management of the zoo and treated arthritis in an Asian tiger with complete success.


Apart from daily treatment of injured or orphaned wildlife IWR foresees in cooperation with KWS and the Community at large possibility of engaging in these following future projects.
1. Vaccination and sterilization of domesticated animals surrounding our area of operation. ( in Chobe Canine distemper devastated the numbers of all predators which could have been avoided}
2. Herd health of Livestock of surrounding community will be attended and assisted.
3. Development of an antidote for poison arrows used to kill wildlife.
4. Participation in securing wildlife corridors.
5. Research into milk composition of various wildlife species ( especially elephants) to save orphaned animals.
6. To assist in community education programs with the goal of educating as to the importance of our wildlife heritage.
7. Building of on-site rehabilitation pens with the aims of treatment and reintroduction of injured wildlife.
8. Sharing of experience and wildlife knowledge with other veterinary units thru monthly meetings.
9. Filming of educational and informational series for worldwide awareness and education of wildlife issues.
10 Funding and providing specialized diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to be used in the field such a Pulse Oximiters, portable digital x-rays and portable blood diagnostics machines.

IWR will consider to support and fund other KWS conservation.

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